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I started my journey at the Teachers Seminar in Oranim Academic College of Education with Teaching Diploma but than started to change my focus through taking ceramics courses at the Art department, Xavier University, Cincinnati Ohio that opened a whole new worlds of materials and self expression. I then started sculpting under the artist Dalia Meiri's in the Yezrael Valley Collage, Israel, and ceramic sculpting course under the artist Varda Yatom, Oranim Academic College of Education.

Over the years I participated in workshops led by different artists- Bernie Pink, Marlen Ferrer, Merav Sudaey, all of which I've learned from and was inspired by them. These days I am continuing my studies in a monthly lesson with the artist Haya Grez Ran.


A bit about my work

Materials intrigue me and are a big part of my sculpting and painting processes, using a wide range of materials through an on going and never ending search for new options and expressions. I create mostly using recycled materials that are available from the surrounding where I live. I'm mostly interested in materials that have been used and were changed by that specific practice or usage. Working with these materials challenge me and serve the way I work and deal with the ideas and themes that interest me. 

My art work has been exhibited at various group exhibitions and two Solo exhibitions. One solo exhibition was "Oskar Schindler- Family Story" at Chagall Artist's House, Haifa 2008, and was curated by Miri Krymolowski. The second solo exhibition was "People from Schindler's List- the Wohlfeiler Family", held at the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, Poland 2011, and curated by Tomasz Owoc.


Aside my artistic work I teach since 20 years ceramics for adults and children in my studio.  

Full CV

Some Publications

Postcard from the Past, Carl Hoffman, Jerusalem Post, 2008

People from Schindler's List - The Wohlfeiler Family, curator Tomasz Owoc, 2011


Amira Davidovitch - עמירה דוידוביץ


"Oscar Schindler's role in saving Jews of Cracow", Kupa Synagogue, Cracow, Poland, curated by Aleksander B. Skotnicki


"Feminine Look", Chagall Artist's House, Haifa

Yearly Exhibition, Chagall Artist's House, Haifa

"Identity", International Convention Center, Haifa


"Seal", group exhibition, Geb Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Chairs". group exhibition, Gan Shmuel Gallery, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel

"Fall Salon", Haifa Theatre, Haifa


"​Oskar Schindler - Family Story", curated by Miri Krymolowski, Chagall Artist's House, Haifa (link)


"People From Schindler's List- The Wohlfeiler Family", curated by Tomasz Owoc,

Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, Poland (link)


"Honey, Everything is Honey", group exhibition, Hebrew University, Jerusalem ​(link)


"Holocaust Seal and Break", group exhibition, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

"Fiber Art", group exhibition, Chagall Artist's House, Haifa (link)


"Women Awareness", group exhibition, Bet Gavreal, Jordan Valley (link)


"Home Sweet Home", group exhibition, Benyamini Center, Tel Aviv 

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